Thursday, November 21, 2013



 To init github type the command followed by repository name (say TCP):
    git init TCP.git

 Then cd to this git directory
   cd TCP.git

 Then add the remote repository:
   git remote add origin

 To get the files from the TCP.git repository:
   git pull origin master

 After Changing files, commit them:
   git add .
   git commit -a
   This will open a nano editor window.
   Remove comment in modified file lines and save the file by pressing escape and "Y".

 To update the repository:
   git push origin master
   This will ask for username and password.

 To check status:
   git status

SSH with no password

SSH with no password:
​Here is a two step process to use SSH/SCP and access remote machines without password.

1. Generate a public/private rsa key pair in the local machine (client):
Command:  ”ssh-keygen“
The public key will be saved in a file at ~/.ssh/id_rsa

2. Copy the id to the remote machine (server):
Command: “ssh-copy-id  UserName@ServerAddress“

Thats all need to do. Now you can try “ssh UserName@ServerAddress” and it should login without asking password. Same with scp command.

Android App Developer

I have developed and posted several apps in Google Play Store in different categories like Math, Education, Philosophy, Health etc . Please check them by visiting
Android app on Google Play
If you need a specific app for your business or personal reasons, please contact me and I may even develop it free for you, provided if I can show ads with the app.

Android has several advantages over other mobile OS. They are:
  • It is based on Linux which has inherent security and user permissions.
  • As it is free, it is used by several companies in their devices which brings the cost down.
  • It has huge potential to evolve as a standard OS that can be used in several embedded systems and devices.
  • It is developed and supported by Google.
  • It is open sourced and evolves faster than others.